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Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Aengus Aengus 114 122
Monsieur Arkadin Monsieur Arkadin 108 102
Bruce Almighty Bruce Almighty 112 117
Turtle Cask Turtle Cask 1 1 1 93 106
Waterclock Waterclock 112 94
Clancys Cross Clancys Cross 1 112
Bingo Conti Bingo Conti 105 93
Split Second Ratings

Workshop Simple Sectionals 28.2.17

Lingfield 14.00 Picansort

This Lingfiled 14.00 Race is a very competitive affair and it certainly does not look short of pace. Timeform suggest this will be a contested pace race, this could mean a closer may be the best option. If you are looking for a closer then Picansort would be the best option. Personally I would rather be close to or tracking the pace, as looking for gaps or coming from off the pace is fraught with dangers. Originally I was very keen on Mossgo, but when I started digging through the times I found something that appears to strongly favour the Older horse here, these are his final 3 furlong times.

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Split Second Ratings

Simple Sectionals

14.30 Fontwell. Rothman

Here we can show an example of simplistic sectionals. Firstly we use the course form. The GeeGeez Geegee Fontwell run on G/s timeform ground can be used here, and from the 3rd last fence to the winning line he recorded 48.5 seconds.

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