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AHP Ratings: Next Race Up!


Horse C D C&D AHP-R Back Lay
Briscola Briscola 74 70
Lady Noorah Lady Noorah 72 86
Felisa Felisa 1 1 1 71 100
Falcons Vision Falcons Vision 70 83
Come With Me Come With Me 75 62
North Bay Sunrise North Bay Sunrise 65 73
Polar Light Polar Light 65 60
Split Second Ratings

Brother Tiger

BROTHER TIGER looks to have a great chance in race where fractions may just win it. Personally @ 5.5 I have had a good bet to layoff. This does not mean I do not feel this horse has a great chance of winning, but getting the win is much harder in this sort of race, and @ these odds we can have a bet to nothing if the horse goes sub 3s, or alternatively you could the lay again @ sub 2s for a nice profit. This is the way to approach this race in my opinion.

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